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Redefining the Purpose of Finance


Ana Yang and Michela Gariboldi

14 min read

How to Create a Financial System Where People and Planet Flourish?


Ana Yang and Suzannah Sherman

14 min read

Shifting the Social Licence from Corporates to Financial Institutions


Suzannah Sherman

11 min read

Mainstreaming Positive Innovations from Impact Investing


Suzannah Sherman

17 min read

Redefining the Purpose of the Investment System

Event summary

60 min read

Flattening the Curve: COVID-19 and the Climate Emergency


Iseoluwa Akintunde and Vassilis Ntousas

8 min read

Closing the Gap: Overcoming Barriers to Investment in Forests

Event summary

Ana Yang and Tomos Harrison

28 min read

COP26: A Roadmap for Success

Long read

Laurence Tubiana, Emmanuel Guérin and Joss Garman

43 min read

Delivering Sustainable Food and Land Use Systems: The Role of International Trade


Bernice Lee, Jonathan Hepburn and Christophe Bellmann

4 min read

Driven to Extraction: Can Sand Mining be Sustainable?


Oli Brown and Pascal Peduzzi

19 min read