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How to Create a Financial System Where People and Planet Flourish? Article 27 May 2021 Sustainability Accelerator 14 mins
Topic Commentary Editor’s choice

The financial system could generate positive social and environmental impacts by driving the transition to sustainability while creating a fairer world. But, right now, it’s not doing enough.

Redefining the Purpose of Finance Article 23 Sept 2021 Sustainability Accelerator 14 mins
Editor’s choice

There is a growing understanding that, in order to tackle the current sustainability crises, the financial sector needs to be in line with broader social goals.

Shifting the Social Licence from Corporates to Financial Institutions Article 27 May 2021 Sustainability Accelerator 11 mins
Editor’s choice

Financial institutions are beginning to come under pressure from consumers as their role in funding activities contributing to environmental and social harm comes under the spotlight. But, despite some change, vague commitments to sustainability are not always being matched with concrete targets.

Mainstreaming Positive Innovations from Impact Investing Article 27 May 2021 Sustainability Accelerator 17 mins
Editor’s choice

The impact investment sector is growing fast but concerted efforts are needed to make it mainstream. This will require new metrics and standards to measure impact, new skills and knowledge for practitioners and opportunities to share best practice within, and between, institutions.

Impact Management Project: Resources and Examples Database 02 Dec 2020 Impact Management Project
Editor’s choice

Here, the Impact Management Project provide a range of practical tools, templates and examples for impact management.

Online Tools for the Financial Sector Website 26 May 2021 UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative
Editor’s choice

The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative provides tools to help stakeholders integrate sustainable finance practices and policies into their activities. These include tools to analyse impacts, transition risks, and the opportunities and risks from exposure to natural capital.

Community Building for Systems Change Report 01 Apr 2021 The Finance Innovation Lab 40 mins
Editor’s choice

This report explores the role of community building as a strategy to advance changes, especially in the finance industry.

The Importance of Biodiversity Risks Report 27 Nov 2020 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 10 mins
Editor’s choice

In this paper, IFOA highlights the urgent need for actuaries to consider the importance and the impacts of global biodiversity risks into their practice.

The Impact Revolution: Webinar with Sir Ronald Cohen Video 01 Sept 2020 Exeter College 60 mins
Editor’s choice

Sir Ronald Cohen explains here the Impact Revolution, by highlighting the need to support a world focused not only on minimizing harm on society and environment, but on doing quantifiable good for all.

Fiduciary Duty in 21st Century Report 21 Oct 2019 United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) & Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) 127 mins
Editor’s choice

This final report highlights policy recommendations for integrating ESG issues into investment practice as part of the regulatory and legal requirements.

The Financial Sector: Redefining a Broader Sense of Purpose Article 28 Feb 2019 International Monetary Fund 18 mins
Editor’s choice

Read here Christine Lagarde’s 32nd World Traders' Tacitus Lecture that outlines the need to rethink the role of finance, focusing on three main aspects: innovation, regulation and responsibility.

Faith Invest Resources Website 26 May 2021 FaithInvest

Here, FaithInvest collects key resources on faiths and investments, which are central to deliver more faith based activities on environmental issues.

Redefining the Purpose of the Investment System Event summary 07 Dec 2020 Sustainability Accelerator 60 mins

Chatham House / Online / 7 December 2020, 16:30–18:00 GMT

Impact Investing Network Map Database 27 Oct 2020 The Case Foundation

The Impact Investment Network Map is a compelling visual database of the impact investing landscape.

Closing the Gap: Overcoming Barriers to Investment in Forests Event summary 09 Oct 2019 Sustainability Accelerator 28 mins

How can financial flows be directed to natural climate solutions, in particular, forests? This workshop brought together scientists, NGOs and private and public investors to explore barriers and opportunities to increasing private capital investments into forests – one of the most promising natural climate solutions available.

Financing an inclusive circular economy Report 19 Jul 2021 Chatham House 127 mins

The circular economy can contribute to achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals, but investing in circular economy innovations and new business models is still considered high risk for financiers. Read here recommendations for how to de-risk investments and achieve sustainable and socially inclusive circular economy finance.

Mission Economy: Mariana Mazzucato in conversation with Gillian Tett Video 24 Feb 2021 The British Library 62 mins

Professor Mariana Mazzucato explains the role of governments in rebuilding a sense of public purpose to help economies going beyond profit and integrating more social equity and environmental sustainability.

ESG and Financial Performance Report 10 Feb 2021 NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business 34 mins

This report assesses the relationship between ESG and financial performance by analysing over 1000 previous studies on this topic. They find that improved financial performance due to ESG becomes more noticeable over longer time horizons.

What the rise of the millennial investor means for a sustainable world Article 09 Feb 2021 World Economic Forum 5 mins

In this article, WEF discusses the role of millennials in the investment industry to promote the uptake of more sustainable investment decisions as they are committed to allocating money with impact.

Regulation Database Database 01 Jan 2021 Principles for Responsible Investment

This PRI database contains over 650 policy tools and more than 300 policy revisions to encourage or require investors to consider long-term values as part of their investment decisions.

Paving The Way Towards An Harmonised Biodiversity Accounting Approach For The Financial Sector Report 16 Oct 2020 Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials 105 mins

This reports highlights the harmonised principles underlying biodiversity impact assessment methodologies that financial institutions should adopt to evaluate the impact of investments on biodiversity.

Building back better Webinar: ESG & Sustainable finance in Africa Video 14 Oct 2020 African Business Magazine 78 mins

In this online webinar, experts discuss how current trends in sustainable finance and ESG will impact African countries.

Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation Report 24 Sept 2020 World Economic Forum 170 mins

In collaboration with network partners, the World Economic Forum has worked to identify a set of universal, material ESG metrics and disclosures that capture sustainable, long-term value creation that embraces the wider demands of people and planet.

European Commission: Sustainable Finance Website 04 Jul 2020 European Commission

Explore here the routes by which the EU is approaching integrating sustainability considerations into its financial policies.

An Introduction to Responsible Investment: climate change for asset owners Website 30 Jun 2020 Principles for Responsible Investment

This guide for asset owners details the role of climate change in responsible investment decisions and practices, why it matters and what actions are needed to shape the investment process.

The Impact Investing Market in the COVID-19 Context: An Overview Report 18 Jun 2020 Global Impact Investing Network 22 mins

Read here GIIN’s analysis on the consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic on impact investments and key insights about the priorities and potential of the impact investing market’s response to COVID-19.

2020 Annual Impact Investor Survey Report 11 Jun 2020 Global Impact Investing Network 28 mins

GIIN presents the 2020 Annual Investor Survey focusing on respondents’ reflections on past achievements and future challenges including market growth and the development of measurements and best practices in the impact space.

Sustainable Signals: Asset owners see sustainability as core to the future of investing Report 27 May 2020 Morgan Stanley 22 mins

Find here an overview of growing momentum for sustainable investing among asset owners globally. Survey analysis gives insight into motivations, priorities and challenges.

Foundations on the Road to 100% Report 20 Apr 2020 Toniic 40 mins

In this report, TONIIC take a deep-dive on how certain foundations are busting through the misconceptions around impact investing and demonstrating that total-portfolio approaches to impact investing are achievable, regardless of constraints.

Social Enterprises and their Ecosystems in Europe: Comparative Synthesis Report Report 31 Mar 2020 European Commission 275 mins

This EU level report provides an overview of the landscape “ecosystems” for social enterprises, salient trends and key challenges from across member countries.

Sustainability: the Tectonic Shift Transforming Investing Thought piece 05 Mar 2020 BlackRock 26 mins

Read here BlackRock’s outlook on why the long transition underway will reshape all asset prices and how a return advantage for sustainable investing can be gained during this transition.

Bank 2030: Accelerating the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy Report 30 Jan 2020 Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership 76 mins

Here, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership outlines how banks can play their role in accelerating investments towards a low carbon economy and how a progressive climate bank should look like.

The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice, Second Edition Report 21 Jan 2020 Global Impact Investing Network 113 mins

In this report, GIIN provides a comprehensive overview of investors motivations, investment practices and market trends that have been shaping the impact investing space in recent years.

Building a Regulatory Framework for Effective Stewardship Report 01 Oct 2019 Financial Conduct Authority 71 mins

In this report, the Financial Conduct Authority explains how effective stewardship should look like and what the minimum standards requirements should be for financial firms to promote long-term investments.

Measuring Prosperity Report 05 Jun 2019 Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity 59 mins

In this paper, CUSP reflects on the traditional assumptions of economic growth to understand what defines a good indicator and how long-term value based evaluations should be incorporated.

EU Taxonomy Technical Report Report 01 Jun 2019 European Commission 818 mins

The methodology employed to develop and the results thereafter of the EU Taxonomy is detailed in this paper. The EU Taxonomy provides a common language for investors to coalesce around investments that encourage carbon mitigation whilst avoiding harm to society or the environment.

Sizing the Impact Investing Market Report 01 Apr 2019 Global Impact Investing Network 16 mins

How big is the impact investing market? This paper breaks down the impact investment sector, establishing the overall size to be in the region of USD 50bn across 1,340 organizations.

Millennial Voices: Stories from the Heart of the Investment Industry Article 14 Mar 2019 Authentic Investor 26 mins

This article presents ground-breaking insights from people in their late twenties-thirties working in the investment industry in Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US.

Assessing the impact practice of impact investments Framework 01 Mar 2019 New Philanthropy Capital 20 mins

See here the light-touch and practical framework that NPC have developed to compare organisations’ impact approach to best practice.

Sustainable Signals: Growth and Opportunity in Asset Management Briefing 21 Feb 2019 Morgan Stanley 23 mins

Dive into 2019 survey analysis here that illustrates the market growth and future direction of sustainable investments among United States asset managers.

Rethinking Impact to Finance SDGs Report 01 Nov 2018 United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative 80 mins

Here, the financing gap to achieving achieve global sustainable development is analysed and radical new pathways for businesses, finance actors and stakeholders to bridge this gap are proposed.

The Missing Middles: Segmenting Enterprises to Better Understand their Financial Needs Report 25 Oct 2018 Dalberg 39 mins

In partnership with the Collaborative for Frontier Finance, Omidyar Network and Dutch Good Growth Fund, Dalberg Advisors undertake research to provides distinctions between types of funding gaps for small and growing businesses and identify better targeted financing solutions.

Which Financial Architecture Can Protect Environmental Commons? Article 01 Oct 2018 Surrey University & Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity 18 mins

This article explores challenges and opportunities to make investing in natural infrastructure into reality while protecting natural resources' use.

Investing for A Better World Report 01 Oct 2018 Global Steering Group 80 mins

The connections across the impact investing value chain and its current structural weaknesses are identified. This is used to propose various opportunities for scaling-up successful impact investment business models.

Impact Investing Market Map Report 20 Aug 2018 Principles for Responsible Investment 220 mins

An Impact Investing Marketing Map map is introduced to identify organizations involved with impact investing and the themes and sectors they are investing in.

How to Invest in the Low-carbon Economy Report 06 Jun 2018 Principles for Responsible Investment 54 mins

PRI present a guide for investor strategies to align investment portfolios with a lower carbon, more resilient economy. The guide focuses on three main areas of; low-carbon investment opportunities; integrating climate-related risks, and; phasing out investments in thermal coal.

The Trustee Toolkit Website (Login) 22 Jan 2018 The Pensions Regulator

Use this online learning platform from the Pensions Regulator to browse various learning modules and resources that can support building the minimum level of Trustee knowledge and understanding requirements.

Better Finance Better World Report 01 Jan 2018 Blendend Finance Taskforce 238 mins

This consultation paper from the Blended Finance Taskforce provides key insights on how blended finance can drive investments in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to support global growth and long-term returns.

Patient Capital Review: Industry Panel Response Report 22 Nov 2017 Her Majesty's Treasury 37 mins

Read here the package of recommendations from the independent industry panel to the UK Government’s Patient Capital Review. The recommendations target three main areas of: unlocking institutional and retail capital; increasing number of venture capital firms that deploy patient capital; and increasing returns to scale-up investments.

The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision Making Report 23 Jul 2012 UK Government: Department for Business, Education and Skills 221 mins

This independent review, commissioned by the UK Government, identifies short-termism as a problem in UK equity markets. The causes of this are reported to be a misalignment of incentives within the investment chain, and the displacement of trust relationships by a culture based on transactions and trading.