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Impact Management Project: Resources and Examples Database 02 Dec 2020 Impact Management Project
Editor’s choice

Here, the Impact Management Project provide a range of practical tools, templates and examples for impact management.

The Importance of Biodiversity Risks Report 27 Nov 2020 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 10 mins
Editor’s choice

In this paper, IFOA highlights the urgent need for actuaries to consider the importance and the impacts of global biodiversity risks into their practice.

The Reporting Exchange Database (Login) 09 Dec 2020 World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Use this comprehensive online platform from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to explore and track developments in ESG reporting globally.

Corporate Reporting Dialogue Website 27 Oct 2020 Corporate Reporting Dialogue

On this platform, Corporate Reporting Dialogue promotes coordination between standards and frameworks setters and collects key insights to support a better alignment in corporate reporting frameworks, standards and requirements.

Impact Investing Network Map Database 27 Oct 2020 The Case Foundation

The Impact Investment Network Map is a compelling visual database of the impact investing landscape.

Paving The Way Towards An Harmonised Biodiversity Accounting Approach For The Financial Sector Report 16 Oct 2020 Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials 105 mins

This reports highlights the harmonised principles underlying biodiversity impact assessment methodologies that financial institutions should adopt to evaluate the impact of investments on biodiversity.

Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation Report 24 Sep 2020 World Economic Forum 170 mins

In collaboration with network partners, the World Economic Forum has worked to identify a set of universal, material ESG metrics and disclosures that capture sustainable, long-term value creation that embraces the wider demands of people and planet.

Taxonomy: Final report of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance Report 09 Mar 2020 European Commission 120 mins

The final recommendations to the European Commission on the EU Taxonomy design and implementation are detailed in this report.

The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice, Second Edition Report 21 Jan 2020 Global Impact Investing Network 113 mins

In this report, GIIN provides a comprehensive overview of investors motivations, investment practices and market trends that have been shaping the impact investing space in recent years.

Measuring Prosperity Report 05 Jun 2019 Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity 59 mins

In this paper, CUSP reflects on the traditional assumptions of economic growth to understand what defines a good indicator and how long-term value based evaluations should be incorporated.

EU Taxonomy Technical Report Report 01 Jun 2019 European Commission 818 mins

The methodology employed to develop and the results thereafter of the EU Taxonomy is detailed in this paper. The EU Taxonomy provides a common language for investors to coalesce around investments that encourage carbon mitigation whilst avoiding harm to society or the environment.

Assessing the impact practice of impact investments Framework 01 Mar 2019 New Philanthropy Capital 20 mins

See here the light-touch and practical framework that NPC have developed to compare organisations’ impact approach to best practice.

How to Invest in the Low-carbon Economy Report 06 Jun 2018 Principles for Responsible Investment 54 mins

PRI present a guide for investor strategies to align investment portfolios with a lower carbon, more resilient economy. The guide focuses on three main areas of; low-carbon investment opportunities; integrating climate-related risks, and; phasing out investments in thermal coal.