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Insights / Event summary

18 May 2017 / 3 min read

Launch Event - Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy

André Hoffmann, Non-Executive Vice Chairman, Roche Holdings Ltd and President of the MAVA foundation. Photo: © Suzanne Plunkett 2017

Event overview

The Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy officially launched on 18 May 2017, setting out its goal of a sustainable resource economy, in which the world’s citizens and environment thrive together, now and in the future.

The launch event featured a panel discussion which explored the opportunities for smart policies, technologies and business models to reshape the world’s demand for resources and transform the economy. The discussion was wide-ranging, reflecting the need for multi-stakeholder, systematic approaches to tackle global sustainability challenges.

Speakers on the panel discussion. From Left: Bernice Lee, Eben Bayer, Niall Dunne, Kate Hampton, Rob Bailey, Laurence Tubiana, Robin Niblett. Photo: © Suzanne Plunkett 2017

The panel included André Hoffmann, non-executive vice chairman, Roche Holdings Ltd and president of the MAVA Foundation, Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation; Kate Hampton, CEO of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Eben Bayer, CEO and co-founder of leading US biomaterials company Ecovative Design, Niall Dunne, CSO for BT, Bernice Lee, executive director of the Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy, Rob Bailey, research director, Energy, Environment and Resources, Chatham House and Robin Niblett, director of Chatham House.

Introducing the Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy

Following the discussion, attendees were offered a selection of sustainable food and drinks including beer brewed by Toast Ale from bread that would otherwise be wasted, brownies produced with protein rich cricket flour made by Habour & Jones and water served in edible ‘Ooho’ seaweed membrane bubbles from Skipping Rocks Lab.